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Patti LuPone: ‘Stunt casting is forcing legitimate actors out of work’

Patti LuPone. Photo: Axel Dupeux
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Patti LuPone has claimed the industry is more “horrible” than it used to be because social media personalities are making it harder for trained actors to get jobs.

LuPone was speaking at the launch of a revival of the musical Company, in which she will star when it opens at London’s Gielgud Theatre in September.

“The business is horrible, it’s been horrible forever and it’s worse now because of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, so legitimate actors that have trained in the profession have a harder time getting hired than personalities on YouTube, or on Twitter,” she said.

The comments follow recent debate around the so-called ‘stunt casting’ of YouTube personality Tanya Burr in Judy Upton’s Confidence at Southwark Playhouse in London.

LuPone also criticised film actors who try to “legitimise themselves” by performing in stage plays.

“[Film actors] should come to the stage with the right intention,” she argued. “And they should be stage-worthy, not try to come to the stage for credibility.

“I’ve seen terrible performances by stage actors and I’ve seen brilliant performances by film actors coming to the stage, but it’s when an actor tries to legitimise themselves without having stage experience, that’s when you go ‘stop it’ – and there’s been several of those.”