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Fight disrupts performance of Julie at National Theatre

The National Theatre on London's South Bank. Photo: Philip Vile The incident took place at a preview performance of Julie at the National Theatre. Photo: Philip Vile
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A performance of Julie at the National Theatre was disrupted in its final moments after two audience members became embroiled in a fight.

Another theatregoer, Samantha Andrews, wrote on Twitter that she had seen a “punch up at the end of Julie” and added that the incident had “ruined the end of the show”.

Olivia Baker, who was also in the audience, said those in the circle had not applauded the performance because they were distracted by the fight.

She added that two people were “shoving each other” and everyone was watching “worried they would fall” rather than “cheering the stunning cast”.

Helen Jerome said the fight had been between “two middle-aged blokes”.

One audience member questioned whether any theatre staff had intervened.

The incident follows a fight at the Old Vic last year, in which an audience member claimed he was punched by another theatregoer for challenging him about using a mobile phone.

A spokeswoman for the National said: “On Saturday June 2 there was a brief altercation at the end of the performance of Julie in the Lyttelton theatre.  The altercation was between two audience members and happened once the performance was complete and as the lights came up, The situation dissipated as quickly as it had begun.”


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