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West End theatre to host free well-being sessions for performers

A free fortnightly event designed to create a safe space for actors to relax and develop techniques to overcome stress and anxiety is being launched in the West End.

Wellbeing for the Arts will be held at the Dominion Theatre on Wednesday mornings, starting on May 16.

The event will then continue every two weeks, with the aim of creating a “safe and open space for people in the arts industry to relax, learn tools to deal with stress management and align their mind and body”.

The sessions are being led by Sian Willett, an events manager at the Dominion, and Tom Keeling, who runs health and wellness events.

Willett said that the initiative had been set up partly in response to a recent article in The Stage, which featured performers speaking openly about how anxiety has affected their careers.

She said: “In many ways, we all have the same insecurities and fears and worries, and I feel sometimes that when you are in a room with people, where you are all sharing things, then you don’t feel so alone and you can connect.”

She added: “This will be a safe space where people can come and talk, and connect and learn to relax.”

Willett is training to be a yoga teacher, and said some sessions could incorporate yoga or meditation exercises alongside discussions.

The event is being held on Wednesdays from 11am to 12pm, to allow actors who are appearing in matinees to attend beforehand.

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