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On-demand TV service launches as ‘Netflix for arts lovers’

Marquee.TV offers viewers access to content from across the world, including dance, opera, music and theatre

A new on-demand arts TV service dubbed a “cultural entertainment platform for the Netflix generation” has launched.

Marquee.TV [1] offers viewers access to content from across the world, including dance, opera, music and theatre.

Co-founder Simon Walker said the service would be home to the “freshest, most innovative, most adventurous performances around”. It is available as an app on iOS or Android, as well as online and through Apple TV, Amazon Fire and smart TVs, at a cost of £8.99 a month.

Content available from its launch includes David Tennant in Richard II and New York City Opera’s Brokeback Mountain, based on the story by Charles Wuorinen and Annie Proulx.

Marquee has also teamed up with Opus Arte, the company that supplies filmed productions from the Royal Opera House and Glyndebourne.

Chief operating officer John Armah told The Stage: “Look at the way culture and performing arts are going and there’s something missing. Drama is served by Netflix and Amazon Prime, but what happens for culture lovers? There has been fantastic growth in terms of NT Live and live performance on big screens but we haven’t made the final leap to the devices everybody has in their pockets and in their homes. That for us was one of the keys.”

Marquee.TV follows in the footsteps of other cultural offerings, including Digital Theatre, but Armah said Marquee would offer that “final digital and mobile leg”.

He said the subscription model meant royalties could be paid to companies whose work is staged, adding: “As we grow, their potential revenues grow. We are part of the cultural ecosystem and are about ensuring the sustainability and development of performing arts houses.”

Armah said hundreds of hours of content would be available from launch, from organisations including Shakespeare’s Globe, and added that the company had enlisted “ambassadors” to promote the platform, including photographer Phil Poynter.

“We think we can use their social influence to engage an audience,” he added.

Visit Marquee.TV here [2]