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Yorkshire arts charity rises from ashes as new community company

Follow The Heron by Edgelands Arts at Cleckheaton Folk Festival

A new arts organisation has been created by the team behind Faceless Arts, the company forced to close earlier this year due to funding cuts.

The Wakefield-based charity closed in April [1] after losing its funding from both the local authority and Arts Council England.

Edgelands Arts will be based in Wakefield, and has been set up by Bev Adams, Tony Wade and Charlie Wells, who ran Faceless Arts.

Adams said: “Tony, Charlie and I are delighted to be able to create new opportunities for communities in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and the UK and to create art that helps us all to connect with each other and the world around us.

“At a time when the media portrays our communities as politically and socially divided, we feel a great need to come together creatively and share stories from the Edgelands.”

Like Faceless, the new company will use puppetry and visual art to create bespoke arts projects, with a particular focus on stories from the edges of communities.

However, unlike Faceless, Edgelands Arts will not have premises, and the creative team will be working as freelancers on a project-by-project basis.

Adams told The Stage: “Now, working on earned income alone, if we get the work, we get paid and the strategic work we do is on our own time, in the hope that it will pay off in a project later down the line. 

“We will look back to the Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding at a later date for more ‘developmental’ projects. I think this is the new way of the world.  Little security for the workers and even less for artists.”

The company has successfully applied for charitable status, and is working with other charities and commercial organisations to provide their services free of charge.

Edgelands Arts will officially launch on July 26.