Trevor Nunn: ‘Doubling arts subsidy will restore theatre industry’

Director Trevor Nunn. Photo: Adam Bennett
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Trevor Nunn has said Arts Council England should have its funding doubled to get theatre to the standard that it should be.

Speaking to The Stage at the opening night of Terence Rattigan’s Love in Idleness in the West End, Nunn criticised the lack of support for regional theatres.

He said: “Political parties never pledge enough for the arts. Of course, political parties have realised over the last 50 years that there are no votes in money for the arts.

“Thatcher was the most extreme, saying that she hated the word subsidy and if people wanted things they should jolly well pay for it.

“But I can’t say that we’ve fully recovered, and the Arts Council needs to have its allowance doubled to get back to where we should be.”

He added: “The biggest crisis is the lack of support that is closing the regional theatres.

“And the repertory movement was the most important thing, not only providing us with our great actors but also providing us with our writers, who would bring their work into London.

“That’s so under threat and that’s very upsetting.”