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Tony Kushner to write play about ‘borderline psychotic’ Trump

Tony Kushner talks to Andrew Garfield during rehearsals for Angels in America. Photo: Helen Maybanks

Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner has revealed that he is writing a new play about Donald Trump.

The play, which he has just started to work on, will follow Trump before he became president of the United States.

“He’s the kind of person, as a writer, I tend to avoid as I think he is borderline psychotic,” Kushner told website The Daily Beast.

“I definitely think that incoherence lends itself well to drama, but he really is very boring. It’s terrifying because he has all the power, but without the mental faculties he ought to have. I think he is seriously mentally ill, and the fact that he is in the White House is very frightening.”

Kushner added that “it will take some time” to complete the play. “The nightmare is in high gear. It certainly feels like folly that I or anyone else has a definitive understanding or comprehensive understanding of what going on.”

The National Theatre’s two-part production of Angels in America [1], directed by Marianne Elliott and starring Andrew Garfield and Denise Gough, will be streamed live into cinemas across the world on Thursday this week and next.

Kushner also announced that he is rewriting the book of Leonard Bernstein musical West Side Story for a new film version to be directed by Steven Spielberg.