Theatres Trust welcomes new law to protect pub theatres

The Theatres Trust has welcomed what it says is a greater level of protection for pub theatres. Photo: Shutterstock
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The Theatres Trust has welcomed a new planning law it hopes will protect pub theatres from being redeveloped.

The measure is part of several new rules brought in under the Neighbourhood Planning Act, and removes the permitted development rights that enable the change of use of pubs to retail, restaurant or office use without the need for planning permission.

The new rules, which apply in England and come into effect on May 23, mean that applicants will now have to seek full planning permission if they want to change the use of a pub theatre.

The trust said this move would afford a greater level of protection for pub theatres, adding in another stage in the development process for the venue and the community to have their say.

Ross Anthony, the Theatres Trust‘s planning adviser, said: “The trust has for some time been campaigning against permitted development rights like this one, so it is a good thing.

“Pub theatres now have the certainty that the owner of the pub at least needs to talk to them. It doesn’t necessarily save them but it does put an extra step in there where we can all make our comments.”