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Theatre503 to premiere nominees for prize honouring Philip Seymour Hoffman

The Relentless Festival at London's Theatre503 will feature readings from finalists of the Relentless Award, established in honour of Philip Seymour Hoffman

London’s Theatre503 will partner with the American Playwriting Foundation to premiere works from finalists of the Relentless Award playwriting prize.

The Relentless Festival on June 28 to 30 will feature a series of rehearsed readings from finalists of the award, established in honour of actor, director and producer Philip Seymour Hoffman [1].

Playwrights who will take part include Tearrance Chisholm, Dave Harris, David Jacobi, Celine Song, Kate Tarker and Dipika Guha.

Chisholm’s play Br’er Cotton is themed around the Black Lives Matter movement, Harris’ piece White History explores discussions on race today, and Jacobi presents a “youthful romance” that blossoms from the aftermath of a hate crime.

There will also be a series of panel discussions featuring writers, leading journalists, theatremakers and social commentators.

These will include ‘Two countries separated by a common language’ and ‘The narrative of race: where we are, where we have been and where are we going?’

Lisa Spirling, artistic director of Theatre503, said: “The American Playwriting Foundation, like 503, has a commitment to discovering the best new voices who are telling the vital stories that communicate with our time.

“503 and I are honoured to welcome these writers to our London home and to introduce their plays to our audiences. The plays are in equal measure thrilling, entertaining and thought-provoking.”

David Bar Katz, artistic/executive director of the American Playwriting Foundation, added: “I’m most excited about the cross-fertilisation of our US playwrights having the opportunity to work with British directors and actors.

“Europeans, who have been asking lately what the hell the Americans are thinking, will now have an intimate opportunity to find out at Theatre503.”