Scottish Opera encourages audiences to dress down in bid to create new opera fans

Scottish Opera's campaign to encourage new audiences to enjoy opera
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Scottish Opera has launched a campaign to debunk the “myths” of the artform and to try to encourage new audiences.

Tongue-in-cheek posters display messages such as “you don’t have to dress up for the opera”.

The posters, shared on social media to target a younger audience, also dispel perceptions that you need to speak the language to enjoy an opera, or that you’ll need binoculars to see the stage.

One of the posters states that Scottish Opera’s performances won’t “break the bank”, as under 26s can “get the best seats for £10”.

Scottish Opera general director Alex Reedijk said: “Cinema doesn’t help with the cliches that are linked to opera.

“In real life, most people come to the opera dressed comfortably. Theatre audiences are very casual, and we are just trying to remind people that it is the same for opera.”

He added: “If you do want to come in a suit and tie, that’s also fine.

“Our best dressed audience members are actually the youngest ones, they often think ‘I want to look a million dollars’. I see them and think ‘God, they look amazing’.”

Reedijk added that the organisation’s £10 ticket scheme for under 26s accounts for about 10% of its audiences.