The Place launches drive to get boys dancing

Boys Can Dance at the Place. Photo: Hayley Madden
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The Place has launched a drive to encourage more boys to take up dance.

The initiative follows a survey undertaken by the London-based dance organisation into why there are fewer boys in recreational dance classes.

Boys of a range of ages were questioned, with 46% saying they did not dance because they did not think they could dance well, and 23% admitting they did not attend because their friends did not do it.

Following these concerns, the Place has created a series of videos called Boys Can Dance, in a bid to encourage more boys to take up the art form.

“If more boys can be encouraged to take the first step and get involved in dance it’s going to have a positive impact in getting more young people active, and help them to develop the personal and social skills that will bring lifelong benefit,” a spokesman from the Place said.

Boys Can Dance will also host boys-only classes, held at the Place’s central London home, for ages seven to 15. These run alongside its mixed classes.

Other organisations including the Royal Academy of Dance, Warwick Arts Centre and the Centre for Advanced Training in Dance also run initiatives to encourage boys to dance.