North London drama school to launch with emphasis on affordable training

Clive Perrott Clive Perrott. Photo: Ori Jones Photography
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A drama school aimed at people who feel “training is financially beyond their reach” is to open in September, with an operating model similar to a repertory theatre company.

North 8 will be based in Crouch End in north London and offer 20 students “affordable training” over a two-year course. The first intake of students will begin in September.

The school is the sister company of theatrical agency Marcus and McCrimmon, with Clive Perrott – founding member of the agency – becoming the school’s principal.

He told The Stage: “I have taught at many fine drama schools, but I, like many in the industry, have become increasingly concerned about the increasing bureaucracy in drama schools combined with the escalating costs of fees, which can manifest itself in the more affluent members of our society benefitting from a good training.”

He added: “I want to open a drama school which is truly inclusive and affordable. To actively seek out talent that may feel that such a training is financially beyond their reach.”

The school will cost around £6,000 a year, with interest-free payment plans offered to students. The course runs in the evenings, and on Saturdays, totalling 22.5 hours a week.

Perrott said the school would be run like a repertory company, with each student “an integral part of that company – an ensemble of actors, directors and crew”.

The school is collaborating with Actor Awareness, a campaign fighting for equality and diversity in the arts.

“I don’t just want diverse students but diverse staff as well” Perrott said.

North 8 will operate on a not-for-profit basis and aims to achieve charitable status.