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Equity and Spotlight shift membership criteria for drama school graduates

Students will be able to submit one motion a year to the council. Photo: Monkey Business Images

Drama courses will now be subject to revised criteria in order for their graduates to be eligible for Equity and Spotlight membership, after the two bodies agreed a new training structure.

Equity and Spotlight previously relied on external accreditors such as Drama UK to determine if students were eligible to become full Equity members or be entered into Spotlight’s directories.

However, the demise of Drama UK in 2016 [1] prompted Equity, with Spotlight, to create a new “universal standard” in order to remove uncertainty for students and establish an up-to-date list.

The new course criteria, endorsed by Equity Council, will recognise:

Equity said this criteria would be adjusted as appropriate when dealing with areas of study not covered by Spotlight, such as stage management, circus, singing, theatre design and directing.

The new accreditation was first mooted last year, when Equity announced a raft of changes to its student membership scheme [2]. These included introducing a graduate membership bracket and a student deputies committee for the first time.