Summerhall posts 30% ticket sales boom at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Summerhall director Robert McDowell Summerhall director Robert McDowell
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Edinburgh Fringe venue Summerhall – currently sweeping the awards ceremonies at the festival – has posted ticket sales up 30% on the same time last year.

It means that, with a whole week of the fringe still to run, it has already surpassed the total number sold in 2015.

Director of the independent venue, Robert McDowell, would not confirm exact numbers, but with 56,042 tickets sold at this point in 2015, figures for this year stand at approximately 72,000.

McDowell has put part of the increase down to the six Fringe First awards the venue has received so far this year, along with “a slew of other prizes and award nominations”.

He said: “Despite some atrocious weather and the television draw of the Olympics, by the end of week two, Summerhall’s festival attendances exceeded the total for 2015.”

This year, the venue is hosting 147 shows, 23% up from the 119 last year, with 1771 performances involving an estimated 276 performers.

McDowell added: “Six years ago, Summerhall felt like the fringe of the Edinburgh Fringe, but this year it feels very much more central.”