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Tom Hiddleston and Josie Rourke create Coriolanus audio commentary

Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus, which is being screened by NT Live. Photo: Johan Persson Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus, which is being screened by NT Live. Photo: Johan Persson
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Tom Hiddleston and Josie Rourke have recorded an audio commentary to accompany Encore screenings of the Donmar Warehouse’s Coriolanus.

The production’s lead actor and director will discuss the performance as it happens in the pre-recorded commentary, which will also feature contributions by Peter de Jersey, Deborah Findlay and Hadley Fraser.

The optional commentary will be available to download on iTunes via the production’s digital programme, which costs £2.99. After downloading, audience members will be able to use their smartphones to listen to the commentary in time with the NT Live screening.

Rourke said the idea came to her in “a flash of inspiration”, and thought it “might add a new dimension to this very new concept of taking stage to screen”.

She added: “I spent several months of my life thinking about little else other than Coriolanus and I hope our reflections will be interesting to those who would like to probe deeper into the production. It never happens in theatre but here you get a chance to have me and Tom in your ear as you watch the production on screen.”

Hiddleston, whose performance in the role won him the London Evening Standard theatre award for best actor, said the commentary was a “fascinating” opportunity”.

He continued: “Theatre exists in the moment – that’s what makes it magic – so it’s very unusual, and very interesting, for an actor to have the opportunity to look back at a production of a live performance.

“At the time I was completely immersed in the character but now I’m a bit more detached I’m more able to reflect on what was going on at the time, and hopefully offer some insight into what it was like to play Coriolanus.”

Coriolanus will be screened in UK cinemas from September 24, while international screenings will commence on November 12.