Propeller’s future in doubt following 100% funding cut

A scene from Richard III by Propeller.
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Edward Hall, artistic director of all-male theatre company Propeller, has warned that the venue’s future is at risk following Arts Council England’s 100% cut to its funding.

The company currently receives £165,000 annually from ACE. It said this makes up 19.42% of its annual turnover of £1.3 million.

Hall said without the money the company would be prevented from “forward planning” and added that it “calls into question the future” of Propeller.

He said that ACE had informed the company it preferred other applications when considering which organisations to fund in its national portfolio.

“Whilst a lack of commitment from ACE to high-quality touring theatre on a financial basis is understandable, Propeller’s national reach and quality of work cannot be called into question as our track record amply demonstrates. I am sorry that this decision will prevent us from continuing to pursue our national touring programme, which has delighted so many thousands of people and which will prevent our company from pursuing its commitment to delivering affordable, high-quality drama in the regions,” Hall said.

Propeller said it had toured to 22 countries over the last three years, during which time it performed to 95,726 people.