Out-of-pocket cast members angry as tour is relaunched

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A producer who left performers unpaid for a Glenn Miller musical that toured the UK in 2013 has been criticised for remounting the same show with a new cast this year.

Bugle Boy was cancelled part-way through its 2013 run, with actors involved in the production left owed money for two shows they performed in, but did not receive money for. It is understood around 30 people, including cast and musicians, are still trying to reclaim money for work on the musical.

Now, Bugle Boy Productions, run by Den Stevenson, has announced plans to tour the show again, with performers involved in last year’s run expressing anger at the move.

One, who did not want to be named, described it as slap in the face” that a new tour had been announced when “payment has still not been received for shows” that last year’s cast worked on.

“We are workers and have done our job. Now it’s time that we were paid what we are owed, before more people are put in the same position,” the actor said.

However, Stevenson, who is also the show’s writer, said the very reason he was staging this tour was to be able to pay performers owed money from last year.

He said: “I could not do anything until I refinanced the situation and got back out again. Everybody will be paid – they will be knocked off one by one until there is a clean sheet. I would never walk away from an indebtedness.”

Stevenson added: “Everybody who was associated with the tour will finish up with the pennies that they asked for in their pockets.”

He also revealed that one of the actors and two band members had gone through the county court to reclaim money owed to them.

Stevenson said the tour in 2013 ran into financial problems when he was not paid as quickly as he had hoped by some of the theatres that had booked the production, resulting in the musical being pulled.

When he spoke to The Stage last year, Stevenson denied that actors involved in the production were due money for two performances that had to be cancelled.

Equity confirmed it was pursuing the case on behalf of members owed money.