Creative Scotland publishes draft 10-year plan

Creative Scotland chief executive Janet Archer. Photo: Mark Elliott
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Creative Scotland has published a draft of its 10-year strategic plan online, opening it up to public consultation and clarifying its approach to its three areas or responsibility: the arts, screen and creative industries.

The draft does not make any major new promises from Scotland's non-departmental public body for the arts, but seeks to set out its core priorities in a more accessible language than previously.

CS does promise that an annual plan, with detailed activities and budgets for individual years, will be published "as early as possible in each financial year".

The five elements currently open to consultation are its shared vision, its general purpose, its 10-year ambitions, its three-year priorities and what it calls its four "connector themes" of equalities and diversity, digital, creative learning and environment.

The draft is available on the CS website with comments invited up until Friday February 7. The full plan is due for publication on April and its publication is part of the fallout from the organisation's crisis of 2012, which led the resignation of its then chief executive.

On funding, it proposes three different streams: regular funding for organisations for at least three years; the funding of individuals and organisations to deliver time limited projects; and a small number of targeted programmes focused on delivering shared strategic goals with other funders.

Full details of these different funding streams will be made public when the full plan is published in April.

Kenneth Fowler, CS's director of communications, explained the lack of any headline innovation in the plan to The Stage, saying: "People want an organisation which is a good bureaucracy and a good funder and a good supporter. What we are trying to here is use language which reflects the kind of organisation people want in Scotland.

"This is an attempt to use clear language to clearly state what this organisation is for. We are trying to be very clear that there are three areas of responsibility: supporting the arts, the screen and the creative industries."

The final published plan will have a set of companion pieces, setting out the organisation's attitudes to developing the different art-forms, screen and the creative industries. These are currently in development, responding to recent reviews and involving consultation with people and organisations working in each specific sector.

Commenting on the process, CS chief executive Janet Archer said: "We are committed to open and transparent development of this strategic framework and we want everyone to feel that they have had an opportunity to contribute to the final version that we publish in April."

The full plan is available for comment here.