Gillian Anderson: 90% of acting life is a ‘disappointment’

Gillian Anderson in rehearsals for A Streetcar Named Desire. Photo: Johan Persson
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Gillian Anderson has claimed that 90% of acting life “will be a disappointment in one way or another”.

In an interview with The Stage this week, Anderson said that aspiring actors need to be prepared to deal with disappointment “no matter what area of the acting life one chooses to step into”.

“You have to find a way not to be knocked down by it, and trust that for whatever reason it wasn’t meant for you – either it was an opportunity for someone else who needs it more, or there’s another job around the corner,” she said.

Anderson, who is currently starring in the Young Vic’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire, also said she was keen to do more classic plays in the future.

“Not that new plays can’t be exceptional and dense, but these are great plays for a reason… It has made me potentially be more discerning in the future – after delving into a piece like this, it’s really the only way to go,” she explained.

Read the full interview with Gillian Anderson in today’s issue of The Stage.


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