Warner Bros UK reveals successful applicants to its Creative Talent scheme

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Warner Bros UK has revealed the first successful applicants to its Creative Talent scheme, which includes 11 people being given scholarships at higher education institutions – including RADA – and five people awarded placements on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical.

The scheme was announced earlier this year and sees Warner Bros UK offer 11 scholarships, six apprenticeships, two trainee positions on Warner Bros UK film productions, 25 year-long training courses with theatre company Chickenshed, 20 work experience placements for schools close to its London headquarters and five work placements on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Warner Bros said those taking part would benefit from “funding support” and gain “invaluable industry insight”.

Four of the 11 scholarships will take place at RADA, including David Johnson undertaking an acting degree and Cassie Mitchell being supported on a stage electrics and lighting design course.

Josh Berger, president and managing director of Warner Bros UK, said: “We’re thrilled to be announcing Warner Bros Creative Talent season one. Selected for their potential and commitment to joining the industry, these talented young people will now have the opportunity and funding to develop their skills and interests and gain vital experience that we hope will equip them for their future careers.”

Creative Talent is part of Warner Bros commitment to the UK’s creative industries.

For the last five years, Warner Bros has also been the principal partner of RADA. The support provided since 2008 has enabled the academy to develop a film, TV and radio division.