Theatre503 commissions plays inspired by Margaret Thatcher

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London fringe venue Theatre503 will present a collection of plays inspired by the life and death of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher next month.

The series of new short plays, entitled Thatcherwrite, will run at the Battersea venue from June 11 to 15.

Writers taking part include Dan Rebellato, Fraser Grace, Judy Upton and Daily Telegraph theatre critic Dominic Cavendish.

Theatre503’s literary manager Steve Harper, who curated Thatcherwrite, said: “No other figure in living memory has been the catalyst for such divisive expressions of emotion - honoured by the pomp and regalia of a ceremonial funeral whilst mocked as a burning effigy on makeshift funeral pyres.

“Love her or hate her, her [Thatcher’s] unique achievements were many, her personality etched onto the history of this country, for good and for bad. She was a game changer, leaving the country and the political landscape she inherited irreparably altered.”