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Talk of the Town to reunite at London Hippodrome

Singers and dancers who appeared at the historic cabaret club Talk of the Town in London will be reunited next month at the Hippodrome, the site of the former theatre restaurant.

They will join former employees of the famous entertainment venue, including backstage and front of house staff, at an event to be held on April 18.

It is being organised by Rosalyn Wilder, former assistant to Robert Nesbitt, who co-founded the Talk of the Town in 1958.

She said the idea for the reunion came from Simon Thomas, chief executive of the newly opened Hippodrome, and added that the response had been “absolutely incredible”.

“I think Simon is going to host it as a reception for everyone to look at the place and see it as is now. After 20 years working there I thought I knew where everything was, but I think people [from Talk of the Town] will come in an say ‘My goodness me’.”

The Talk of the Town, which closed in 1982, offered customers dinner and entertainment from performers such as Stevie Wonder, Bruce Forysyth, Sophie Tucker and Cliff Richard.

Wilder said she hoped the reunion would attract some “really nice names” but could not yet confirm who would be attending.