Matthew Bourne to revive The Car Man and Edward Scissorhands

Matthew Bourne. Photo: Brian Fernandes.
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Matthew Bourne has revealed plans to revive his productions of The Car Man and Edward Scissorhands, as well as opening up a dedicated rehearsal and studio space for his company New Adventures.

The choreographer said his organisation was about to enter a period of “development and growth” over the next two years, which will include the revivals of the “crowd-pleasing hits” alongside new large and medium-scale projects.

Bourne said both The Car Man and Edward Scissorhands had a “strong appeal” for young audiences and would “excite young people about dance”.

He also revealed that New Adventures would benefit from its own premises within the next two years, giving the company the “opportunity to do so much more than we do now”.

As well as rehearsing and workshopping its own shows, Bourne said the premises would allow New Adventures to work with emerging choreographers.

Bourne was speaking at an event last week to celebrate the work of New Adventures as it prepares to launch tours of three shows – Swan Lake, Lord of the Flies and Sleeping Beauty, featuring more than 70 dancers.