Low Pay/No Pay campaign needs reigniting, say Equity members

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Union members have urged Equity to relaunch its Low Pay/No Pay campaign due to increasing cuts to funding, which is causing companies to pay employees reduced rates.

Henrietta Branwell, a member from the south east area annual general meeting, who proposed the motion at Equity’s Annual Representative Conference, said: “Since last year it seems the impetus for the Low Pay/No Pay campaign has subsided, but with both local and national cuts causing evermore theatres and companies to look for ways to save - usually at the expense of our members – we urge Council to pick up the reins again.”

Another motion, put forward by the Northern Ireland annual general meeting, added that the union should campaign for a change in law to stop companies from using unpaid interns.

The proposed motion called for the union to target in particular publicly-funded organisations, which should be made to pay at least the national minimum wage to workers.

Both motions were passed unanimously.