ENB re-brands with new logo and Vivienne Westwood campaign

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English National Ballet has launched a campaign to re-brand itself by creating a new logo and website and joining forces with Vivienne Westwood, who has provided clothes for the campaign pictures.

The ballet company’s new logo, representing speech marks and pointe shoes, is designed to show that “everyone in the company, from young dancers to the outreach team, has something to say”.

It has been created by design agency the Beautiful Meme, which has previously worked with Arts Council England.

This re-brand comes under the leadership of recently appointed artistic director Tamara Rojo, who has said she aims to forge new partnerships with people working in other artforms such as photographers, stylists and designers.

Tom Sharp, creative director of the Beautiful Meme, said the vision of the campaign is “about taking dancers out of tutus and moving away from conventional backstage images to show the intensity and creativity of the dancer”.

He said: “The company's directive is to respect the tradition of ballet but build on it, and our copylines are designed to reflect but challenge a perceived view of the artform.”

Tamara Rojo, ENB’s artistic director, said: “I am thrilled that Vivienne Westwood has agreed to let us use her clothes in our first campaign. It’s a dream come true to be able to collaborate with someone of such stature. Her designs capture the creativity and ambition of our dancers who, in turn, add drama and movement to the clothes.”