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Edinburgh performers get revenge on critics with tomatoes

Performers at the Edinburgh Fringe were given a chance to have their revenge on critics this week, by pelting them with tomatoes.

A handful of critics – including Amy Taylor from The List, Pete Shaw from Broadway Baby and The Stage’s Nick Awde – volunteered themselves as human targets, while others such as The Stage’s Thom Dibdin (pictured bottom left) were featured as photo targets.

“A critic can make your art sell or make it hell,” said event organiser Peter Michael Marino, whose Edinburgh show Desperately Seeking The Exit tells the story of his 2007 West End flop musical Desperately Seeking Susan.

Peter Michael Marino gets his revenge on The Scotsman's Joyce MacMillan [1]
Peter Michael Marino gets his revenge on The Scotsman’s Joyce MacMillan

He added: “The Tomato Toss is definitely seen as a light-hearted response for disappointed writers and artists to have a bit of messy fun whilst letting off steam and relieving the pressure of public disappointment” says Marino.

Other performers involved at the event, which was held on August 15, included Bill Bowers (It Goes without Saying), Heather Bagnall (SINGLEMARRIEDGIRL), Susie O’Neill (NeuroVision), Amy Abler (PianoDivalicious) and Tomas Ford (Electric Midnight Cabaret).

Proceeds from the tomato toss will go to Streetwork, Edinburgh’s local homeless charity.