Creative Scotland announces senior staff restructure

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Creative Scotland has announced a change in senior management structure as the a first step in a process of restructuring Scotland's arts funding body.

Job titles and roles will be tightened up in the eight-strong senior leadership team reporting to new chief executive Janet Archer and they will be augmented with a new director of strategy for an initial year-long appointment.

Instead of the three current "directors of creative development", there will be directors of: arts and engagement; film and media; and creative industries. The two acting directors on fixed-term contracts, Laura MacKenzie Stuart and Leonie Bell, will be able to apply for the new posts. The third, Caroline Parkinson, will move directly into the creative industries post.

The four existing directorships of HR, Communications, Funding Operations and Finance will remain, although the latter two, currently filled with interim contracts, will be advertised.

Announcing the changes four months after taking up her post, Archer said: "Our current structure isn’t as effective as it should be because it doesn’t make best use of the skills, expertise and knowledge of our staff, or enable best access to these skills. We are also currently operating with four members of our senior team on fixed term contracts. This needs to be addressed.

"I want to build up a better knowledge bank of expertise within the areas we serve - the arts, screen and creative industries and make better use of the overview we hold, for the benefit of everyone working in these fields."

Archer stressed that in the shake-up, CS will continue to use flexible working of its staff, each holding a broad perspective. She claimed that staff enjoy working across disciplines besides their own specialism, an approach which has helped them develop a breadth of knowledge and skills.

However, she acknowledged one of the key criticisms levelled at CS during last year's very public shake-up, that this flexible approach has meant clients don't always deal with an expert in their particular field

She said: "We will ensure however that in future we will feed relevant expertise into advice, decision making, and feedback, because we know that’s what is valued."

Recruitment for the new director posts will start this month.