A Chorus Line set to tour after West End

A Chorus Line will return to the London stage this year
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A Chorus Line director Bob Avian has revealed plans to tour the musical following its run in the West End.

The show, which has music by Marvin Hamlisch, will begin previews at the London Palladium on February 5, where it is currently booked to run until January 2014.

However, Avian, who co-choreographed the production when it originally opened on Broadway in 1975 and who is directing the London revival, told The Stage a tour has been “built in” to the deal with the show’s producers, who include Mark Goucher and Adam Kenwright.

Avian said: “What’s built in already is a tour following [the West End run]. No matter how long it runs here we will get a tour out of it. The producers are known for touring and that was part of the deal.”

He added: “We did not know how long we could run here [in London], because of the theatre’s availability and because the size of the theatre eats up your advance so quickly, so the tour was very important to us. That is why we went with these guys [producers], who are known for their tour expertise.”

Avian, who choreographed the West End productions of Martin Guerre and The Witches of Eastwick, said it would be the actual Palladium show that tours, rather than a separate production alongside it.

He added: “It would be this physical production – the sets, the costume, the lighting – so we don’t have to build it all again.”

A Chorus Line will star John Partridge, Scarlett Strallen and Leigh Zimmerman and is a full revival of Michael Bennett’s original Broadway production from 1975. Its run at the Palladium marks the first time it has been seen in London since 1976.