Survey into musicians’ pay launched by union

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The Musicians' Union has launched a nationwide research project to assess the working lives of music professionals.

The Musicians and Work study is the first of its kind that looks at how much musicians are paid, where and how they find jobs and the challenges they face working in the profession.

Both union members and non-members across all disciplines, such as composers, teachers, session musicians and orchestra members, are being invited to take part in the survey.

The research will draw on these survey responses, plus data from a range of industry sources and interviews with UK-based musicians.

Through the project, MU said it hopes to provide an evidence base for policy makers, artists and their representatives to create a UK music industry that values the contribution of musicians to the British economy.

The research findings will be available in December.

John Smith, general secretary of MU, said: "This will be the first time that such comprehensive research has been done into how musicians earn their living. Portfolio careers are very different to most jobs, and present unique difficulties. We hope that the research results will provide the evidence that we need to be able to best defend musicians' rights and their livelihoods."

The survey can be found here