George Entwistle steps down as BBC director general

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George Entwistle has stepped down as director general of the BBC after just 54 days in the job.

He announced his decision to leave the Corporation at the weekend, following the broadcast of a Newsnight programme on November 2 that led to a former Tory politician being wrongly linked to child abuse.

In a statement, Entwistle said: “In light of the fact that the director general is also the editor-in-chief and ultimately responsible for all content, and in the light of the unacceptable journalistic standards of the Newsnight film broadcast on Friday November 2, I have decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down from the post of director general.”

Entwistle, who has worked at the BBC for 23 years, added that to have been director general “even for a short period and in the most challenging of circumstances has been a great honour”.

He also said that people must not “lose sight of the fact that the BBC is full of people of the greatest talent and the highest integrity”.

“That’s what will continue to make it the finest broadcaster in the world,” he added.