Creative Scotland defends management strategy

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Creative Scotland has reacted in a robust but largely conciliatory manner to its critics, following the publication of a stinging attack on its management methods in a letter signed by 100 people to its chair, Sandy Crombie.

Crombie has issued his own open reply to the letter sent to him on Monday as reported in The Stage, in which signatories claimed they routinely see “ill-conceived decision-making; unclear language, lack of empathy and regard for Scottish culture”.

In his respone, Crombie acknowledged that “in some cases our working methods are still developing”.

He added that board members are currently working with staff “to probe further into a range of topics that can influence both how we distribute funds and what artists and organisations experience when dealing with us”.

Meanwhile CS chief executive Andrew Dixon has been vigorously stating his commitment to his job and defending his senior staff, in particular Venu Dhupa, one of three directors of creative development.

He told The Herald Dhupa “has big strengths internationally and I think we need to play to those strengths more – she has a lot to contribute.”