Ivan Lewis unveils Labour policy review for creative industries

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Shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis has launched a Labour policy review into the future of the creative industries.

Lewis said he is conducting the review because he believes the creative industries are currently "at risk" due to international competition.

He said: "What are the things we need to do with business, with industry, with the education system, to ensure our creative industries continue to lead the world? What we don't want is for them to go the way of some of our manufacturing industry, where 40 years ago, 30 years ago, Britain led and then, over a very short period of time, we went massively into decline."

The consultation period for the review will run until June, when it will be fed into Labour's wider policy forum that will then be discussed at its conference in the autumn.

Lewis said Labour had to "begin to develop a compelling and exciting new agenda".

He said: "If we are going to get back into government, it's not just going to be about exposing the poor decisions of the government, it is also going to be about rebuilding the confidence of the electorate about Labour."

During the review process, Lewis will be supported by representatives from the sector, including David Lan, artistic director of the Young Vic, and screenwriter William Ivory. He will also work with high-profile think tanks including Demos, The Work Foundation and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.

Lewis launched the policy review at a New Deal of the Mind event, a charity set up to help young people access jobs in the creative industries. He said he was particularly seeking submissions on how to support young people in the sector.

Submissions and questions regarding Labour's Creative Industries policy review can be sent to labourpolicyreview@gmail.com.