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Budding make-up artists brush up for competition

Young make-up artists will get the chance to compete in front of top industry professionals in a new student competition at the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show.

Sixteen students and recent graduates will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their make-up skills to the theme of A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Star Trek aliens.

Paul Vale, Stage contributor and the education co-ordinator for the event, said: “Every year the show has got bigger and now finally we’re having a competition. I’ve been waiting for it to happen for years – it’s a great idea because the show has always been a Mecca for students from all over Europe. Being put on the spot at an event like this and showing how you deal with pressure is a very good calling card.”

The 16 finalists were selected from entrants from all over Europe, after sending in portfolios of their work to a panel of judges. The show brings together make-up artists from all over the world and will include talks from Oscar and Emmy award-winning Star Trek make-up artist Michael Westmore, and Daniel Sandler, one of the UK’s most successful fashion make-up artists.

Organised by the American magazine Make-Up Artist, the show will run for two days in the Islington Business Design Centre, from January 28-29, and tickets cost £30. This year the show will also have 50% more exhibitors than in 2005, including skills education and product demonstration sections. www.makeupshow.co.uk [1]

*On January 26, The Stage will publish a feature taking an in-depth look at the world of make-up and a special preview of the International Make-up Artist Trade Show.