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  • Flickering between her life as a mostly bedridden, grumpy old woman in the 1980s and as an effervescent 1920s starlet, American Venus
  • The latest piece of new writing in the Park Theatre’s studio space is a period play – sadly, in more ways than
  • Originally produced in 1942, Terence Rattigan’s Flare Path was an immediate hit with contemporary audiences, with the central theme of sacrifice that
  • Where theatre companies have increasingly colonised non-traditional spaces such as warehouses and public buildings for performance, here Brighton-based Dreamthinkspeak have playfully transformed
  • It would be easy to label Duncan Macmillan’s People, Places and Things as a play about addiction and recovery, but it contains
  • The minute the French start hoisting flags over barricades, I start a-dreaming a dream, reprising the greatest hits of Les Miserables. And