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  • The world of fashion is a lot about style over substance, so it’s perhaps appropriate that McQueen, James Phillips’s new play about
  • Chris Lynam explores the underbelly of a clown’s fading career. Glumly he makes himself up, interrupted by hi-tech animations of himself that
  • Poppy blinks out at us from beneath an unkempt fringe. She fidgets, she hunches; she blinks again. Izzy Tennyson is dizzyingly convincing
  • Set against the first years of the First World War, Poppies is a sincere but simplistic new musical enlivened by fine song-writing
  • Ben Norris is on a modern pilgrimage – hitchhiking his way southward from his hometown of Nottingham, retracing in reverse the places
  • As one of the founders of the Reduced Shakespeare Company who gave us The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Adam Long