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  • There couldn’t be a more fitting space in which to experience Daniel Kitson’s latest piece of theatre than the Roundabout. The audience
  • Less of a role and more of a challenging vehicle for a talented voice actor, Sam Peliczowski is probably author Becky Mode’s
  • Sue MacLaine’s show about the limits of language is precise and ritualised. MacLaine and her co-performer Nadia Nadarajah sit side by side,
  • Donal O’Kelly’s two-hander about a thief and a nun on the run in Ireland is part comedy, part serious drama, part political
  • Driven with precision from the pit and inspiration from the stage, 1927 and Barrie Kosky’s silent-movie take on The Magic Flute for
  • Two bodies. One has been obliterated by a train and is scooped into a black carrier bag. The other fell through the