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  • Driven with precision from the pit and inspiration from the stage, 1927 and Barrie Kosky’s silent-movie take on The Magic Flute for
  • Two bodies. One has been obliterated by a train and is scooped into a black carrier bag. The other fell through the
  • Jonas Vermeulen and Boris Vanseveren’s show occupies the space between concept album and performance. It is a surging, swelling thing, as much
  • Danza del Caribe, a dance company hailing from Santiago de Cuba, make work which explores and celebrates the country’s African roots, a
  • In many ways circus is physical cabaret, and French Canadians Cirque Alfonse have clearly been thinking hard about how to create a
  • In the 25 years since Patrick Mason’s landmark Abbey Theatre premiere, Brian Friel’s most radical play has acquired iconic status.  Through a