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  • Kieran Knowles’s strong playwriting debut takes its name from the codename for the German Luftwaffe bombing that devastated Sheffield in December 1940.
  • George Gershwin is one of the all-time greatest composers of Broadway musicals, but nowadays Porgy and Bess is the only show of
  • Fin Kennedy’s plays for stage and radio simultaneously grip and discomfit his audience, not to mention potential producers. How to Disappear Completely
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  • With the author’s help, Kneehigh has adapted Michael Morpurgo’s book The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips for its enthralling new production about the
  • The opening production of the Almeida’s ambitious Greeks season, Robert Icke’s gloriously bold Oresteia, earned every minute of its three hour 45-minute
  • After repackaging old Beatles songs as a cheesy ongoing live tribute show called Let it Be, producer Jamie Hendry now repackages old