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  • Since The World Goes Round is really a seamlessly constructed cabaret revue collection of songs written by the Broadway team of John
  • The wittiest thing in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is the title; and though it’s long-winded, the show isn’t. In
  • Twenty-eight years and 500,000 tickets after The Dukes in Lancaster introduced a summer promenade (now called “outdoor walkabout”) production to its programming
  • Fiona Shaw’s examination of Britten’s first chamber opera, first produced for the Glyndebourne Tour in 2013, returns to the Sussex stage nearly
  • Despite a weak second act, and an overly sentimental finale, David Ireland’s script reinvents the familiar tale of love across generations through a witty look
  • Rich, a gay writer living in 80s New York, has just learned that he is HIV-positive and is trying to keep up