Lines 2 Memory


Lines2Memory from The Stage is a comprehensive tool for helping actors commit lines to memory and learn scripts. Learning lines becomes much easier when you can hear your lines being played back to you within the context of the scene.

By recording yours and others lines on your tablet or smartphone, you can choose to play back the scenes with or without your lines being audible – leaving you to practice your lines in the gaps or hear your lines again, aiding memorisation. If you forget, press the prompt button!

The more you use this app the easier it is to harness its full power. To aid you, there’s a full suite of instructions and videos here.

But once you’ve used this app, you won’t go back to covering up sections of a script or roping friends into helping you learn your lines, ever again!

As one user said “ The Holy Grail for actors….a genuinely easy way to learn lines”

This latest version allows you to:

  • Name all the characters, attributing lines to each
  • Share your scripts with other users (even across platforms)
  • Split the recordings into days (ideal for film roles)
  • Easy editing
  • Load scripts from PDF
  • ..and much more

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