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Android guide

Instructions for Android

Thank you for downloading the Android version of Lines2Memory from The Stage. We hope that you find it useful in committing lines to memory.

Below are instructions on the different functionality in Lines2Memory, but for a quick overview look at the How to guide.

Lines2Memory contains many different screens, and here they are covered in the same order that actors tend to use them.


General info

The bar at the top of the screen gives you information about the script. When you first open the app you will see the following menu bar on the Script tab, showing the name of the current script.


The line on the top right is the where the menu appears when available. There is no menu on this page; when you first go to a screen with a menu the button will appear as below.


Press the yellow lines to reveal the menu options. The left pointing arrow is a back button which takes you to the previous screen.

The menu is different on each page. Check them out so you know where all the options are.

To guide you through your initial exploration, the menu will be yellow until you have seen it for the first time, after which it will turn white, as below.


When you open a menu it will drop down from the top of the screen and appear as follows. This is the menu from the Script page.


As you can see here you have the option to split the script by filming days as well as by Scene. If you enable this at the top of the screen you will also see the current day as well as the current script as shown here.


The main menu appears when you swipe from off the left of the screen towards the centre. This will give you access to the following screens.


  • Scripts – and all the screens below that
  • Record
  • Play
  • The Stage
  • Help


For convenience the first three screens can also be accessed via the buttons at the top of each screen.

This will allow you to navigate between the main sections of the app which are as follows.


Script editing instructions

The script tab allows you to manage your scripts, with the following functionality:

  • Editing, moving and deleting days
  • Editing, moving and deleting scenes
  • Editing, moving and deleting lines
  • Character creation and editing
  • Assigning lines to characters
  • Sharing scripts
  • Copying scripts


Record instructions

The record tab allows you to record lines for yourself or other characters, as well as recording stage direction. The following functionality is available from the record screen:

  • Record yourself
  • Record as any other character
  • Record stage direction
  • Add new day
  • Add new scene
  • Playback recorded line
  • Re-record line
  • Delete recorded line
  • Read PDF of script
  • Change audio quality


Play instructions

The Play tab is where you start to learn your lines. It allows you to play back all of the lines, or a subset of them, and when you are confident that you know your lines you can turn them off, leaving just the right sized gap into which to speak them. If you can’t remember them, then there is always the Prompt button to help. The functionality includes:

  • Loop control, including A-B repeat
  • Selection of which lines to play, and how to play them
  • Visual indicator so you know what to expect from your settings
  • Ability to change the size of the gap to give you more time
  • Turning on and off the stage direction
  • Viewing the PDF of the script

The Stage

The Stage tab gives you access to the latest news from The Stage as well as the option to share with your friends and cast members how you are getting on, as well as, importantly, the chance to send feedback to The Stage so we can improve the app, or just enjoy your compliments


The help tab gives you a number of different help options as follows.

  • Quick start guide – a very basic getting started guide
  • Full instructions – this guide
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions about the app
  • Video tutorials – video guides for when you need help

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