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The International College of Musical Theatre: Triple-threat training with a degree

Students in rehearsal

At the ICMT, musical theatre students can earn a bachelor’s degree while working, offering the best of both worlds

For 10 years, the International College of Musical Theatre has been providing world-class musical theatre training, taught by some of the industry’s leading professionals from both sides of the Atlantic.

But as well as its one-year and two-year courses, which offer comprehensive triple-threat training and equip students with all the tools they need to thrive in the world of musical theatre performance, the ICMT also offers a degree pathway.

Students at any of the ICMT’s locations – London, Rome, New York and Belfast – can earn a bachelor’s degree, awarded by Middlesex University, London. When they have completed either the two-year or one-year programme (with prior professional performance experience), they will automatically be accepted on to an 18-month, part-time programme to earn the BA degree.

Rather than spending time away from the industry, students work via distance learning so that they can complete the degree from anywhere in the world and carry on working while they do it.

The ICMT trains only those who want a performance career, which is why, in the one and two-year programmes, all contact hours are in practical training – singing, dancing and acting – with limited written work. After all, musical theatre performers need to learn their craft in a studio, rather than a classroom.

When students have completed their course, they have the option of being fast-tracked onto the BA programmes. For prospective students, it often feels like a choice between gaining the practical training that is necessary for a career in musical theatre and earning a degree qualification without the practical basis. The ICMT’s degree pathway provides both.

The focus is on the practical – because working in musical theatre is a practical profession – and the ICMT has a decade of experience, with graduates working in the West End and internationally.

The International College of Musical Theatre was founded by Kenneth Avery-Clark and Christie Miller in London. The school has grown internationally, with programmes in London, New York, Rome and Belfast. In 2019, it changed its name to reflect its international presence. 

The ICMT’s courses are designed for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the world of musical theatre. At the heart of the courses is a strong foundation in singing, dancing and acting, taught by teachers and practising professionals who have extensive experience in the West End, Broadway and beyond.

But being a musical theatre performer isn’t just about being a triple threat. It’s a business, too, and the ICMT ensures that students learn all the fundamentals of being self-employed.

At the end of the course, students work with a director, choreographer and musical director to perform in a full-scale musical in front of the public. There is also a showcase in front of a panel of industry professionals – including agents, casting directors, directors and producers – to offer the highest chance of gaining representation.

The ICMT nurtures its students and develops their talents in a positive and constructive environment. With the degree pathway, students will graduate not only with the skills and discipline needed to succeed in a competitive industry, but with a BA as well.


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