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Put on the best possible performance with Shure sound systems

It’s every performer’s worst nightmare. You’ve got the part, learned your lines and rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed. It’s opening night and you’re in the zone, ready to wow the audience and the critics. The house lights go down, the curtain rises… and there’s a sound problem.

There’s one company that understands just how much effort goes into getting a show on stage and how to ensure that it’s not all lost in that moment. Shure, which has been at the cutting edge of audio electronics for almost a century, has a range of high quality, ultra-reliable equipment to suit every need – equipment that has been tried and tested on the biggest stages, from the West End to Broadway, to the Oval Office to the Superbowl.

“Theatre shows are among the most demanding audio productions in the world,” says Neil Shah, Shure’s global marketing director. “When that curtain opens and the first notes are sung, the audio must be flawless every time. We at Shure are proud to support theatre professionals with technology that helps them put on their best possible performance.”

With its new campaign This is the Moment, Shure is proving exactly why its products are essentials for sound technicians everywhere – not only does the campaign involve a rack of gushing testimonials from professionals on both sides of the Atlantic and a handy set of how-to features full of tips and tricks on getting the best possible sound quality, it also has in-depth, interactive guides to all of their extraordinary products.

What are Shure’s products exactly? There’s the brand-new TwinPlex range of lavaliers, for a start. Thanks to Shure’s revolutionary dual-diaphragm, omni-directional design, these discreet microphones are able to offer a superior sound without compromising on size – they’re barely five millimetres in diameter.
Combine this with an ultra-reliable cable, which survived over two weeks’ testing in Shure’s punishing CableFlex machine, and the lavaliers’ sweat-resistant, super-hydrophobic nano-coating – yet another of Shure’s innovations – and the TwinPlex range is the most reliable, best sounding mini-microphone on the market. So good, in fact, that many of the prototypes tested on Broadway and in the West End are still being used today.

Then there’s Shure’s famous Axient Digital wireless systems – a product developed with top audio professionals to maximise stability, quality, control and scalability – used at the world’s most critical broadcasts, live events and theatre productions.

Shure knows that today’s radio-frequency environment is increasingly challenging, complex and crowded, so its Axient system is designed to cut through the clutter, without sacrificing anything when it comes to sound. That means 184 megahertz of bandwidth across all receivers and transmitters and an industry-leading 2 milliseconds of latency. The moment, in this case, is exactly that.

A key component of Shure’s system is the ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter, an incredibly small, smooth bodypack with an innovatively designed internal antenna for better concealment and comfort on stage. Ensuring a discreet size and a comfortable fit doesn’t mean compromising on quality though, because the ADX1M delivers impeccable audio and its parameters can be adjusted in real time because it comes equipped with a ShowLink remote control.

Linking it all together is Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6, a superior software solution that allows users to remotely monitor and manage every piece of equipment connected to its system in real time, without interruption. An entire show can be co-ordinated from one application, and the programme even tracks RF data, so it’s available for review later.

The reviews are in on Shure’s suite of products, and they’re ecstatic. Testimonials from users of Shure equipment – from performers on Broadway, to sound technicians in the West End – gush about its sophistication, quality and durability. Acclaimed sound designer Garth Helm says that “with the addition of TwinPlex, Shure now has a full package that will be a game changer in the industry”.

A lot of effort goes into preparing a show for the stage. Months of planning, weeks of rehearsal, days of design and hours and hours of marketing – all for that one moment when the curtain rises and the performance begins. It’s vital that all that time isn’t wasted by a faulty microphone, a broken wire, or a loose connection. With Shure, you know that it won’t be.

For more information, visit shure.com/theatre

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