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Choose 360 Arts – an award-winning performing arts school and talent agency in north-west London

360 Arts students receive training in dance, singing and acting

Despite having opened only six years ago, 360 Arts has already earned a nationwide reputation as a first-class, award-winning, part-time performing arts school and management agency for students from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

360 Arts also operates a successful talent agency for its students, 360 Arts Management, which represents performers from babies to adults in theatre, film and TV. 360 Arts Management is a member of the Entertainment Agents’ Association.

“We train our children and adults, so we know what they are capable of,” says principal Carol Brophy. “So when we do put them forward for roles, we know they will fit the brief. Most agencies do not have a school or classes attached to them. They audition their clients once and may not see them again. 360 Arts Management works with its clients and knows them inside out, which gives it the edge.”

As well as securing professional auditions, 360 Arts offers one-to-one audition preparation classes with its expert tutors to make sure that students land the part. They provide industry training workshops to educate their clients about the industry, agency and client expectations. 360 Arts Management also offers training on how to produce excellent self-tapes as well as giving numerous hints and tips to help clients present the best version of themselves at castings.

Students also get the chance to go on a wide range of trips and excursions – from the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent to West End musicals (Mamma Mia! this year) and Disneyland Paris.

The north-west London institution started in September 2013, then relaunched in September 2017, with Brophy as principal and managing director. In January 2018, she approached Tilly Kamara to become the agency director of 360 Arts Management. The agency was relaunched and has gone from strength to strength.  In March 2019, the school expanded, and 360 Arts now operates weekend classes offering triple-threat training in two different locations – in Hendon on Sundays and Dollis Hill on Saturdays.

“We specialise in nurturing and representing performers from all cultural backgrounds,” says Brophy. “We build their confidence, and help them find themselves within themselves. I was very shy as a child, but was always the comic at home where I felt comfortable, so I know how important performance is in breaking out of your shell. 360 Arts is a home away from home where everybody belongs.”

360 Arts students

In Hendon, 360 Arts takes over the ground floor of Middlesex University’s Vine Building every Sunday, and runs classes in singing, dancing and acting for students aged five and above.

Those aged five and six are part of 360 Arts’ Star Turns programme and receive 75 minutes of combined training. Those aged seven and above are split into four age groups – seven to nine, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-plus – and receive three hours of training: one of dance, one of singing, and one of acting. There are also adult acting classes on offer.

At its newly opened branch in Dollis Hill, 360 Arts offers three hours of triple-threat training for those aged seven to 11 at St Mary and St Andrew’s Church Hall on Saturday mornings. At both locations, the first week is offered as a free taster session.

360 Arts is particularly proud of the diversity of its students, and is determined to do its bit in tackling the problem in the wider industry.

“We want to make sure the door is open to everyone,” says Brophy. “Theatre is too white and too middle-class, so sometimes people feel apprehensive or uncomfortable about getting involved. We are trying to change that. At 360 Arts, everyone is welcome, whatever their background.”

Wherever they are taught and wherever they are from, 360 Arts students are made to feel part of a family, with their own uniform – a hoodie and t-shirt – and a special folder to carry around their lyrics and scripts in.

360 Arts’ staff all have a wealth of experience in both performance and teaching. Head of performing arts Micah Holmes trained at CPA Studios and the Urdang Academy and has worked across the world as a choreographer, dancer and singer, including as a backing singer to The X Factor winner Leona Lewis. He appeared in Bill Kenwright’s touring production of Le Cage Aux Folles. He is also in soon-to-be-released Elton John biopic Rocketman and is currently in rehearsals for Jamie Campbell’s UK Tour of Why Is Nobody Talking About Fifi?.

Resident acting teacher Chrissy Sammoutis trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and has worked with shows across the UK. Resident singing teacher Matt MacLellan trained at Guildford School of Acting and has performed in a variety of productions at venues from fringe theatre to concert halls.

It’s not all about the top-class training, though: 360 Arts students also get the opportunity to show off their skills in public. In recent months, they have performed live at London Stadium with Britain’s Got Talent winner Tokio Myers, at the Clayton Crown Hotel in support of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, and at festivals in Cricklewood, Mill Hill, Wembley, Harrow and beyond.

Students also competed in the British Red Cross’ annual charity dance competition Dance Make Your Move, winning a special commendation for best individual choreography. In 2019, they are aiming further afield, hoping to clinch a prestigious performance spot at Disneyland Paris in October.

One thing’s for sure. At 360 Arts, students are offered an opportunity like no other.

For more information on 360 Arts School and Management Agency, visit 360arts.co.uk.

Email: 360arts@outlook.com / telephone: 07961 025582

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