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In pictures (July 27): Disco Pigs, Yank!, Summer in London, Fiddler on the Roof

John Haidar (director) and Tara Finney (producer) at the press night of Disco Pigs. Photo: Chloe Nelkin Consulting John Haidar (director) and Tara Finney (producer) at the press night of Disco Pigs. Photo: Chloe Nelkin Consulting
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The latest press night parties, new shows in rehearsal, events and awards from the theatrical world in pictures. This week’s highlights include press nights of Disco Pigs at Trafalgar Studios, Yank! at Hope Mill Theatre and Taking Steps at Stephen Joseph Theatre as well as Mousetrap Theatre Projects quiz winners

Disco Pigs press night, Trafalgar Studios

Cast members Colin Campbell and Evanna Lynch. Photo: CNC

Yank! press night, Charing Cross Theatre, London

William Whelton and Joseph Houston, co-founders of Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester. Photo: Kate Goerner

Summer in London press night, Theatre Royal Stratford East

Taking Steps press night at Stephen Joseph Theatre

Back row, from left: Laurence Pears, Denzil Hebditch, Antony Eden, Leigh Symonds, Paul Stear, Emma Lang, Nikki Colclough, Craig Kilmartin, Neil Millar. Front row, from left: Russell Dixon, Laura Matthews, Alan Ayckbourn (writer/director), Amy Bending, Louise Shuttleworth. Photo: Jeanine Swales

Twilight Song press night, Park Theatre, London

Fiddler on the Roof press night, Chichester Festival Theatre

Director Daniel Evans with cast members Tracy-Ann Oberman and Omid Djalili. Photo: Richard Gibbons

Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales press night, Leicester Square Theatre

Cast members Brian Hargreaves, Leonie Spilsbury and Lauren Silver. Photo: Cosmo Cooper













Mousetrap Theatre Projects quiz winners

Back row: James Finegold, Becca Weymout, middle row: Matt Dimic, Olga-Marie Pratt, Tash Cotran, front row: James Leggat, Tom Sanderson 

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