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In pictures (October 12): Pegasus Opera, Liverpool Everyman, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Brian Blessed at Guildford Shakespeare Company and more

Cast and crew of The Tin Drum at the press night at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre. Photo: Brian Roberts
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The latest press night parties, new shows in rehearsal, events and awards from the theatrical world in pictures. This week’s highlights include opening nights of The Tin Drum at the Liverpool Everyman, Laika at the Unicorn and (The Fall of) The Master Builder press night, In Event of Moone Disaster at Theatre503, West Yorkshire Playhouse as well as Brian Blessed visiting Guildford Shakespeare Company, Lionel Blair unveiling a blue plaque for Alma Coogan, Pegasus Opera’s celebration concert, Stephen Joseph’s legacy being celebrated in Scarborough and more…

The Tin Drum press night, Liverpool Everyman Theatre

In Event of Moone Disaster press night, Theatre503, London

Stephen Joseph Legacy anniversary event, Scarborough

Actors Joanna Tope and Catherine Spencer (who were in the original production of Meet My Father) with writer Alan Ayckbourn. Photo: Livankha

Pegasus Opera Company celebration concert, Actors Church, London

(The Fall of) The Master Builder press night, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

Brian Blessed visits rehearsals at Guildford Shakespeare Company headquarters

Sound designer Matt Eaton, founder Matt Pinches (founder), Noel White (cast), patron Brian Blessed, Alexander Varey (cast), writer/director Caroline Devlin and resident company stage manager Beth Sweeney during rehearsals for The Legend of King Arthur

Alma Cogan plaque unveiling, Lansdowne Road, Worthing

Actor and choreographer Lionel Blair with the plaque to Alma Cogan in Worthing. Photo: Worthing Herald

Laika press night, Unicorn Theatre, London

Artistic director Purni Morell, writer Bryony Hannah, Anna Martine Freeman (cast) , writer Avye Leventis, cast members Josie Daxter and Nima Taleghani with guest, actor Celia Imrie. Photo: Jesiica Young

Marie Curie volunteer’s 15 anniversary year celebrations

Sotheby’s dinner hosted by the Old Vic, London

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