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Dance specialists who’ll help you step up

Photo: Kaziyeva-Dem'yanenko Svitlana/Shutterstock

Dance is an intensely demanding discipline that requires the best resources for support. Performers will benefit both from the provision of professional equipment and training music supplied by the below experts…

Aspect Safety Mirrors Ltd, a family-run business based in Cambridge, specialises in dance mirrors and ballet barres for the performing arts sector and installs these all over the UK. The company has completed jobs for organisations including RADA, Bodywork Company, Rambert, London Studio Centre, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the University of West London. It is committed to providing customers with a first-class service, completed by its trained and professional installers. For more information, see dancestudiomirrors.co.uk

Dance With Margot supplies CDs of music for comprehensive ballet classes to suit all ages. Professional company pianist Margot Kazimirska is well known in the world of ballet, both for her years as rehearsal pianist and as solo pianist for performances, including the renowned ballet Artifact by eminent choreographer William Forsythe. Margot’s Music for Ballet Class series, the popular Dance With Margot Vols 1-8, has proven to be a great success with ballet teachers and students alike. margotdance.com


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