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In The Stage newspaper this week: February 4

Janie Dee. Photo: Robert Workman Janie Dee. Photo: Robert Workman
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The Stage newspaper comes out once a week and is brimming with industry news, advice, analysis and reviews from all over the UK. Here are some of the highlights from the February 4 issue. Find out where to buy your copy here

The Stage Awards winners in full

The prize ceremony for The Stage Awards 2016 took place at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on January 29
The prize ceremony for The Stage Awards 2016 took place at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on January 29

The Stage Awards recognise and reward the theatre sector’s outstanding organisations – and individuals – over the last year. We reveal our 2016 winners and why they won. Plus 4 pages of party pictures in Scene Around.

The Big Interview: Janie Dee

As a teenager trying to find her way in the world, she nearly joined a cult before moving to Rome to teach dance. Now, the double Olivier winner tells Nick Smurthwaite how she has forged a career in musicals and plays, yet has avoided screen work in an attempt to circumvent the intrusions of fame.

‘I wanted to help my unemployed actor friends’

Surviving Actors, Felicity Jackson’s careers shows, started out as a way to help actors cope with their unreliable industry. Susan Elkin finds out how they grew into a popular series of international events.

‘I wish actors would stop squawking about posh boys’

Diana Rigg in Suddenly Last Summer at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre, 2004. Photo: Tristram Kenton
Diana Rigg in Suddenly Last Summer at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre, 2004. Photo: Tristram Kenton

As she approaches the 60th anniversary of her performing career, and ahead of an evening discussing her work in the West End, the star of stage and screen tells Mark Shenton why she can’t stand actors turning on one another.

The Little Prince
The Little Prince

International: Flight of fantasy lands in Canada

Attracting a mixed critical response, the original musical production of Nicholas Lloyd Webber’s The Little Prince at the Lyric Belfast was brought to the stage in a hurry. Its creators tell Stephen Hunt why Calgary was the perfect place for them to produce a revised version of the show.

Backstage: ‘I wanted to shine a spotlight on designers’

As Curtain Up opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum, its designer Tom Piper tells Nick Smurthwaite how he ensured theatre’s creatives, rather than its stars, are honoured in the exhibition.

The Archive: Northern show that never made it big down south

A 1982 flop based on a cartoon strip might not be an obvious candidate for a London revival. Nick Smurthwaite looks back to the origins of Andy Capp the Musical.


Susan Elkin ‘It’s never too late to become an actor-muso’
The Green Room Dealing with creative differences
Dear West End Producer ‘Sing the notes in the right order’
Careers Clinic Balancing acting and university
Scott Ellis ‘An actor’s quality comes before gender’
Tom Clutterbuck ‘Techies have a boy’s dream job’
The Stage Scholarships Redroofs School

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