Yolande Palfrey

Yolande Palfrey had the good fortune to appear in three of the BBC’s most memorable television drama series.

In 1978, she played the blind girl who was raped and murdered in Dennis Potter’s controversial Pennies from Heaven; the following year, she was one of an earth-bound resistance force in Terry Nation’s sci-fi series, Blake’s 7; and in 1986, she joined the cast of Doctor Who, playing the stewardess Janet in The Trial of a Time Lord.

She was also seen in Thames Television’s adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s novel Love in a Cold Climate in 1980. In the following year, she appeared in the Disney/Paramount fantasy movie Dragonslayer. She also played a maid in the Upstairs Downstairs pastiche You Rang M’ Lord? (1991), written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

Palfrey, who was born on March 29, 1957, died on April 9, aged 54.

Richard Anthony Baker