Bobbie Willis

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Stage and screen actress Bobbie Willis, best known for her part in Scottish television drama High Living, has died at the age of 63.

Born on October 21, 1941, she was the daughter of well-known comedian Denny Willis, famed for his comedy hunting sketch, and granddaughter of the Scottish variety and pantomime star Dave Willis.

Bobbie inherited from both of those legendary performers not only a love of live theatre but also a strong sense of timing for comedy roles. Arriving in entertainment too late to make her name in the sixties, when the world of the traditional Scottish comedian was starting to disintegrate, she appeared in theatre shows and also many television productions.

The latter included the series High Living, set in a Glasgow high-rise apartment block, and she also had a role in the successful Scottish comedy drama The Steamie. Her link with small-screen comedy was strong in the many smaller ‘bit parts’ she took.

In recent years, faced with ill-health, Willis waged a courageous battle with cancer. She died at the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow, heartened by the continuing friendship of many colleagues from the acting world. This latter-day member of the theatrical Willis family will be remembered with affection by fellow performers for her repartee and quirky sense of humour.

Gordon Irving