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Wested Leather Co Ltd

Hello and Welcome to Wested Leather ! 

Wested Leather Costumiers specialise in the Film and Television industry including sourcing and importing products for Film, TV and other promotions. Our most famous jacket is the Indiana Jones Harrison Ford Jacket, which was proudly made in our London-based Factory and continues to be our best seller today thanks to our wonderful customers! We’ve also created leather garments for Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Saving Private Ryan, Thor 2, Ashes to Ashes, Star Wars, James Bond and many many others (full credits shown here). Thanks to the marvellous internet we are able to share these jackets with you as reproductions so you can get your very own!

Not only do we sell film wear jackets but we also sell regular fashion wear for those of you that love that statement leather jacket in your wardrobe. Our prices are very reasonable and we can guarantee the high-quality but if you really want that extra special unique jacket we offer a service that allows you to have a bespoke jacket made for yourself, we will personally go through your designs with you so you are able to get the jacket of your dreams.

We are a family run business employing Skilled Craftsmen and Designers who work collectively to Hand Craft Garments in Suede, Leather, Sheepskin and Cloth. This website along with our social media enables us to offer a rare insight to our company, we work on a very open-doors basis and love getting advise from the customers or showing them around the factory so they can see where their leathers are made.

So, are you still wondering what makes us different between Wested and the other companies in this industry? 

Well, we understand leather and we understand our customers, we know that a genuine leather jacket can seem like a lot of money compared to the high-street leathers but we also know that if you buy from Wested you’re investing in a jacket that will last you for years. That’s why we are happy to take the extra time to talk through each jacket with you and explain the skin, weight, durability and much more so that you walk away with the perfect jacket for you and your lifestyle.

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