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Theatrau Sir Gar/ Carmarthenshire Theatres

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Park St, Llanelli SA15 3YE

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Six tenancy opportunities for creative practitioners and organisations at one of Wales’ premiere theatre locations.

If you are serious about participation and social engagement read on….

Theatrau Sir Gar/Carmarthenshire Theatres directly manages a new and modern theatre located in a prime town centre location. By supporting new ideas, encouraging diverse voices within the cultural sector, the Ffwrnes has quickly established itself as a prime cultural hub. and has become a regular rehearsal and development space for professional companies and expressive arts and media practitioners locally, nationally and internationally. At the same time the Ffwrnes has embraced the local community and encouraged community involvement diversely.

The Ffwrnes Fach Cultural and Social Enterprise Centre is an integral part of the larger Ffwrnes complex, with a multi-purpose main theatre, studio and other workshop spaces.. The Ffwrnes Fach With 6 fully fitted modern office units are available for a period of up to 3 years has shared kitchen and toilet facilities, and a central multipurpose area for meetings, breakout sessions, public speaking, small scale conferences, and limited public performances. These units are suitable for a wide range of existing and yet to be created organisations, with Expressive Arts at the core of their activities. In addition to pursuing their own objectives, opportunities to collaborate with each other and make use of the theatre facilities whenever possible will be encouraged.

The deadlines for online submissions will be every 3 months from the 28 February 2017 until all units are occupied. Please note the application process can take up to ten weeks. Go on line and apply using online application.