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Relics - Replica Weaponry

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Relics - Replica Weaponry

Our range of full size replica weaponry makes you look twice.

Relics offer for sale a selection of visually impressive replica weaponry and associated products including :- Imitation model modern and historic guns & firearms, hand Grenades, anti-personnel and anti tank type land Mines. Missiles, Rockets, shells, Mortars and Bombs, Ammunition, Ammo and Grenade crates plus General ordnance. 

We supply replica guns and weapons, prop guns and weapons imitation firearms etc to Theatres, Film, TV Companies, Museums, Living History re-enactors, Schools, Colleges, Collectors, Wargamers, Airsoft Skirmishers, University Lecturers, Survivalists, shootists. 

Armed forces training units and recruiting offices, Officers messes plus Army Cadets, Marine Cadets Air Force Cadets and Marine Cadets.


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