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Vocal Massage
Ever woken up the morning after a gig/show and found your voice is gravely and scratchy?? There are many muscles that are used in voice production, and just like every other muscle in the body, they can get tired and overused.

Vocal Massage

A Vocal Massage Treatment is ideal for singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, comedians, anyone that uses their voice excessively.

The treatment involves massage and manipulation of all areas involved in voice production & the respiratory system, including techniques to improve your posture & vocal health.

A vocal massage treatment will help to:

Expand vocal range
Strengthen lung capacity & endurance
Enhance diction
Re-align posture
Improve circulation
Speed up recovery rate & healing after injury/strain
Releasing tension in the neck, larynx, tongue, jaw, shoulders, diaphragm, intercostals & upper chest areas will leave you feeling more free & open, with a deeper connection to the muscles involved in breathing & speaking/singing.

A full vocal massage treatment lasts about 45 minutes, plus consultation time. It can be carried out in your home, if you live in or near Orpington, Bromley or Sevenoaks. If you are on tour, we may be able to come to the theatre/venue you are working in, subject to the Theatre Manager’s approval. Alternatively, you can come and see us at our treatment room in the Walnuts Leisure Centre, Orpington, close to Orpington station with direct links to London.

Over the last year we have treated amateur and professional singers, including Russell Watson, the People’s Tenor.